High Speed Broadband Essential for Smart Schools

Best practice educational outcomes for the Hunter’s smart high schools rely on access to high speed broadband

An increasing reliance on learning technologies to deliver best practice educational outcomes at the Hunter’s smart high schools means that existing bandwidth in many of these schools will struggle to keep pace with teachers’ needs.

For example in the ‘flipped classroom’, where students take a greater responsibility for their own learning, the teacher facilitates an active learning process by guiding students and assessing their learning. ‘Flipped classroom’ techniques are important as they not only give students the information required for learning but also teach them how to find information.

For the ‘flipped classroom’ strategy to work well students must have access to high speed broadband. In a classroom employing this technique, up to 30 students may be using device to access online media such as video, mp3, web pages and journals as well as real-time video collaboration and file sharing across the country and even the world.

As RDA Hunter’s ME Program continues to develop online content for the Living Toolkit, its intuitive, online learning interface, high speed broadband will be a fundamental requirement for engaging and enthusing students involved in the Program.

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