RDA Hunter Supports City Renewal

RDA Hunter supports Newcastle City Centre Urban Renewal initiative

RDA Hunter has been collaborating to develop an Innovation Hub as part of Newcastle City Centre urban renewal plans.

Urban Growth recently presented to an Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) event a plan to revitalise Newcastle City Centre. A key component of the presentation is the Hunter Innovation Hub which RDA Hunter has been heavily involved in developing.

"RDA Hunter has been working towards a vibrant region which must have a vibrant city that attracts and retains talented people. The opportunity to have an innovation hub that has the ability to bring toegther finance, co-located work spaces and education is an amazing opportunity for the Hunter," said RDA Hunter CEO Todd Williams.

 Download the Urban Growth presentation

Urban Growth UDIA Presentation Dec 2013 Urban Growth UDIA Presentation Dec 2013 (1714 KB)