2014 Hunter Investment Prospectus endorsed by Deputy Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister Truss and Deputy Premier Stoner endorse the 2014 Hunter Investment Prospectus

RDA Hunter is leading initiatives that will grow and sustain the Hunter’s economy long-term. Our investment strategy involves raising awareness of the region as an investment location and promoting the Hunter for all its strengths.

The Hon George Souris MP, Minister for Tourism, Major Events and Hospitality, Minister for the Arts and Minister for the Hunter officially launched a key component of this strategy, the 2014 edition of the Hunter Investment Prospectus, at Fort Scratchley today.

Mr Souris joined the RDA Hunter Committee and 120 Hunter business representatives to launch the 100 page publication that is distributed nationally and internationally to promote the Hunter’s business advantages.

The Hunter Investment Prospectus, which features endorsements by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, The Hon Warren Truss MP and Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Investment and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services, The Hon Andrew Stoner MP is an important tool in RDA Hunter’s work to grow and sustain the Hunter’s economy long-term.

“RDA Hunter implements a future focused regional agenda that aims to advance innovation, attract investment and strengthen the region’s key infrastructure,” said RDA Hunter CEO Todd Williams.

“Our investment strategy aims to grow capability for the region’s future with initiatives like our ME Program as well as attracting investment from outside the region, including internationally. The Hunter Investment Prospectus plays a significant part in communicating the Hunter’s key strengths as a business location and helps drive investment. “continued Mr Williams.

The Smart Happens Here campaign will also be featured at Thursday’s launch. Smart Happens Here is a web based initiative that aims to pique interest in the Hunter by highlighting alternative regional attributes such as our people, our vibrant culture and our diversity. It is complementary to the Hunter Investment Prospectus and strengthens our suite of tools that help raise awareness of the Hunter outside the region.

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Todd Williams Speech 2014 HIP Launch Todd Williams Speech 2014 HIP Launch (50 KB)

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2014 Hunter Investment Prospectus 2014 Hunter Investment Prospectus (18135 KB)

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