Official Program Begins for the 2018 STEMship Cohort

The 16 strong 2018 STEMship cohort is entering its third week of the official program which focuses on the development of STEM skills at a technical level

STEMship is Australia’s first VET pre-employment program focusing on the development of STEM skills at a technical level. 

The 16 strong 2018 cohort is entering its third official week of the program which includes:
•             An innovative, multi-disciplinary TAFE NSW skills-set taught by project-based activities including design, manufacture and advanced technologies 
•             A full qualification in Certificate III Engineering—Technical (MEM30505)
•             17 weeks program combining training and work placement (25 hours per week) 
•             An opportunity to gain work placement in some of the Hunter Region’s most innovative organisations 
•             Industry site tours to promote awareness of employment pathways

The program was developed by RDA Hunter and the NSW Department of Industry (Training Services NSW) in 2016. It is is delivered by TAFE NSW and supported by Dept Premier & Cabinet and Defence NSW. Its aim is to contribute to a highly-skilled job-ready talent pool.

TAFE NSW Head of SkillsPoint Innovative Manufacturing, Robotics and Science, Karen Humphreys, says successful completion of STEMship will provide participants with a full Certificate III in Engineering – Technical, inclusive of four weeks industry-based practical work placement. 

“In addition to the training and work experience, the 16 students will have the opportunity to gain employment in some of the Hunter Region’s most innovative organisations,” Ms Humphreys said.  

“With access to over 25,000 employers, TAFE NSW knows what industry is looking for from prospective employees, so it’s our job to ensure students are job ready and equipped with real, practical skills and experience needed to be in demand and get the job they want.” 

“We want students to be job ready, so the program aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for a seamless transition to work. This includes resume writing, team building skills, appropriate behaviour in the workplace and addressing any numeracy and literacy issues which could otherwise form a barrier to employment,” she said.  

RDA Hunter’s STEM Workforce Manager, Rick Evans, said he’s looking forward to what the students in this year’s cohort will achieve. 

“STEMship is recognised as a valuable source of suitable, job-ready personnel and is a key part of the Hunter Region’s Workforce Development Strategy,” Rick said. “The results of our 2017 program were outstanding with 10 of the 15 participants securing apprenticeships at the completion of the program and five starting VET courses. STEMship has directly contributed to a Hunter workforce with skills and technical smarts that can hit the ground running. We’re pretty proud of that!” Rick continued

Used as a regional case study by the OECD, STEMship is Australia’s first VET pre-employment program focusing on the development of STEM skills at a technical level and the creation of a highly-skilled job ready talent pool. Pivotally, the program is industry-led, which provides a VET pathway for students to move into employment, highly technical apprenticeships and traineeships, higher level Certificate IV, diploma qualifications, or university once they complete the Program. The Program was designed to bridge the gap between secondary and university STEM programs and align with industry policy at both State and Federal levels, with TAFE NSW – Newcastle providing and delivering an innovative nationally accredited skillset program.

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