Lucy Turnbull AO: The Hunter is one of Australia's Most Important Regions

Manage growth, think big and collaborate was the advice from Lucy Turnbull AO at RDA Hunter's event Is the Hunter Important? A New Perspective from Sydney

RDA Hunter hosted urbanist, business woman and philanthropist, Lucy Turnbull AO in the Hunter to discuss "Is the Hunter Important? A New Perspective from Sydney"

Ms Turnbull, who is Chair of the Committee for Sydney, provided insights into Sydney's experience of growth and factors that drive success and her thoughts on the Hunter's future.

According to Ms Turnbull,  "The Hunter is one of Australia's most important regions - and a true microcosm of Australia. Newcastle, its major city is dynamic already but it also has great future promise and potential. Being able to blend charming C19 architecture with a beautiful coastal location and the promise of further improvement using C21 urbanist ideals is a rare combination.

This would be more than enough for any regional city. But Newcastle and the Hunter also have the extra advantages of a great university with a focus on research excellence and a great hospital, the John Hunter. These great institutions build a strong intellectual base for future growth and success in an era where the knowledge economy is the key to any region and city's future prosperity.”

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