STEM Workforce Initiative

RDA Hunter undertakes activities to STEM skill the region’s future workforce

STEM Workforce Initiative

RDA Hunter, as the region’s economic development agency, has identified three priority areas of focus that underpin regional growth and maintain international competitiveness - innovation, investment and infrastructure. Additionally, a STEM skilled workforce enables innovation-driven growth and industry development. 

Since 2010, RDA Hunter has been undertaking activities to STEM skill the region’s future workforce. These initiatives are collectively known as RDA Hunter’s STEM Workforce Initiative and comprise Mini ME, ME Program and STEMship. They are life-stage specific, education programs that together create a pipeline of opportunities and activities for students from eight years of age to 18. 

In close mutual partnership with local industry, that includes defence prime contractors, multi-nationals and SMEs, students are immersed in industry focused and designed curriculum as well as professional placements and work experience.

These activities encourage student interest in STEM careers and ensure their preparedness for the jobs that projects such as Defence’s Joint Strike Fighter will create in the region in the future. 

RDA Hunter strives to maintain the relevance of its programs and continues to engage with its industry partners and wider stakeholders to ensure its initiatives are truly industry-led. 

The third annual RDA Hunter STEM Workforce Conference will be held in May 2018 to facilitate this engagement.


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