High Speed Broadband

RDA Hunter has developed a business case for improved high speed broadband in the Hunter

High Speed Broadband

RDA Hunter developed a business case for improved high speed broadband across the Hunter. Informed by Hunter industry, the business case articulates a clear gap in productive time due to inadequacies in the region’s existing broadband service and outlines the real impact of these service shortfalls on business operations.

“RDA Hunter appreciates that high speed broadband is an essential requirement for businesses today,” said RDA Hunter CEO Todd Williams.

“Conservative figures from our recent survey of Hunter industry show that a minimum of 10 minutes is lost per business per day due to inadequate broadband service.

“Across the region as a whole, this equates to ten months of lost productive time in a single day.

“Closing this gap will lead to more investment into the region, a greater capacity for Hunter businesses to accept new work and, importantly, job creation.

“RDA Hunter will be using the business case we have developed to lobby governments and service providers to ensure our broadband is improved so that Hunter businesses remain competitive.” continued Mr Williams.

The next phase of RDA Hunter’s work is to prepare the region for the opportunities high speed broadband can deliver and how to capitalise on them.

RDA Hunter will lead Hunter High Speed Broadband to:

1. Keep the Region informed of the NBN rollout and other high speed broadband initiatives

2. Provide the Hunter with examples and case studies of innovative uses of high speed broadband that add value, increase investment and create jobs

HHSBB brings together regional experts to assist the Hunter leverage the benefits of high speed broadband and help build a stronger digital economy. It brings together regional experts in industries including health, education and manufacturing, all levels of government and the business community.

It will assist the Hunter region leverage the benefits of high speed broadband and help build a stronger digital economy.

“High speed broadband underpins a digital economy so is vital for the Hunter’s social and economic growth. said RDA Hunter CEO, Todd Williams.

“Hunter High Speed Broadband will facilitate exposure to national and international initiatives that will help Hunter business maximise the productivity efficiencies high speed broadband can deliver.

“Through case studies and presentations by industry experts, HHSBB will inform and update the region on the high speed broadband infrastructure roll-out and provide strategies


Hunter High Speed Broadband Update 1 Hunter High Speed Broadband Update 1 (327 KB)


In March 2012, NBN Co announced Stage One of the large-scale rollout of the National Broadband Network across Australia. Suburbs across the Hunter and Central Coast featured widely in the list of 1,500 communities that will be reached in Stage One.

NBN Priority Rollout NBN Priority Rollout (165 KB)

The Hunter - Ready For Broadband The Hunter - Ready For Broadband (1009 KB)