Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

RSMS enables employers in regional or low population growth areas of Australia to sponsor employees who are foreign nationals to obtain a permanent Australian work visa.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

RSMS enables employers in regional or low population growth areas of Australia, to sponsor employees who are foreign nationals to obtain a permanent Australian work visa, to fill occupations that are experiencing skill shortages. The RSMS is utilised to enhance Australia’s ability to compete globally and guarantee an overall net benefit to the Australian economy.

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) - Subclass 187

RDA Hunter only certifies regional areas located in the following post code regions:

  • 2311 – 2312
  • 2328 – 2340
  • 2343
  • 2354
  • 2381
  • 2415
  • 2420 – 2426
  • 2428 - 2430

Visa Type

RDA Hunter acts as a Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for RSMS Direct Entry employer nomination applications subclass 187. This stream can be used by an employer to nominate an applicant to fill a position that is:

  • an occupation classified as a skill level 1 to 3 by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)
  • full-time and for at least 2 years
  • are younger than 50 years of age (exemptions may apply)

Companies applying to nominate an applicant must first have advertised the position on The position must be listed on this site for at least two weeks and it is a requirement that the number of applicants for the position as well as how many hits the job advertisement received be submitted with your application.

Charges for Certification

Please be advised expedited applications will NOT be processed between 4 December 2017 and 15 January 2018. 

Please submit expedited applications with all relevant documents by 4/11/17

Please be advised that as of 26th October 2017 the RSMS processing fee has increased to $675.
Expedited processing can be completed within two weeks from receipt of application and full payment provided ALL required documents are included. Expedited processing is $990.

RDA Hunter charges a fee of $675 for regular service or $990 for expedited service per approved application.


  • Employer sends completed 1404 form and relevant documentation for assessment electronically (included in RCB Checklist 2017-18 below)
  • RDA Hunter sends a confirmation once an application has been received, an invoice is issued via email. Upon receipt of an invoice, payment can be made by two methods; direct debit or cheque.
  • RDA Hunter assesses the application against the 3 criteria outlined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • On completion of assessment RDA Hunter provides advice to both DIBP and the employer (migration agent) as to whether or not the application satisfies the 3 requirements and sends an electronic copy of form 1404 to both.


The following must occur in order for the nomination to be assessed:

o Completed Form 1404 –

o Non – refundable service fee of $675 (incl. GST)

o Completed copy of this form – must include a mark next to the appropriate evidence included

o Application submitted electronically

o Location of employment situated in RDA Hunter’s regional area range

This document provides a GUIDE ONLY of types of evidence that should be included for a RSMS application. Further evidence may be required where necessary and assessment is not restricted to the documentation below. The onus is on the business to provide adequate information for the Regional Certifying Body (RCB) to assess the nomination.

1. The terms and conditions of employment applicable to the position will be no less favourable than the terms and conditions that are provided to, or would be provided to, an Australia citizen or Australian permanent resident for performing work in the person’s workplace at the same location.
o A letter of offer or employment contract for the nominated applicant. It must include: salary, entitlements and other conditions offered to employees.

 Accompanied by the following where applicable:

o Enterprise agreement
o Award
o Common law contracts
o Employment contract for an equivalent Australia worker, employed at the same workplace

If there is no equivalent Australian employee:

o Abstract from ABS for average industry wage
o Statistics for occupation from job outlook

2. There is a genuine need for the nominator to employ a paid employee to work in the position under the nominator’s direct control

Vacancy in regular ongoing business activity of the nominating employer
o Detailed organisational chart. It must include number of Australian citizen’s, Permanent Resident’s or temporary visa holders.
o Position description. It must highlight how the position is consistent with the ongoing needs of the business.
o Evidence that the position previously existed. It must explain how the position became available. Eg. Occupied by temporary resident or vacant through attrition.
o Evidence the nominated position is under the direct control of the nominator
o Evidence the nominator directly operates the business in which the nominated position exists.

Additional requirements for diversifying and start-up businesses (operating less than 12 months) 
o Business plan. It must include financial budgets, highlighting expenses and anticipated revenues
o Evidence of market research
o Evidence of availability of funds - including own funds, loans and bank accounts
o Evidence of purchase of plant and equipment

3. The position cannot be filled by an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident who is living in the same local area where the nominated position exists.

o Completed domestic summary recruitment form
o Copies of original advertisement and receipts of recruitment effort conducted recently
o Responses to the advertisement. Please note: the DIBP has insisted we do not request nor accept resumes and personal information of other individuals. To do so would exceed our roles as RCBs and I refer you to the migration regulation 5.19(4)(h)(ii)(F) for confirmation.
o Explanation why the nominated applicant was chosen
o Advertisements must be placed on the below website for minimum of two weeks and all correspondence included

Any enquiries and completed applications should be directed to RDA Hunter at the following email address

Documentation Checklist

All applications must be submitted with a completed copy of the check list.

The checklist is available below.

RCB Checklist 2017-18 RCB Checklist 2017-18 (663 KB)


Domestic Recruitment Summary Template Domestic Recruitment Summary Template (150 KB)


If a migration agent is assisting with your application, they must complete and a submit form 956.

956 Form 956 Form (124 KB)

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