Brokenwood Wines - A Smart Specialisation Case Study


In order for Brokenwood Wines to remain competitive in the market place, a number of innovative initiatives formed part of a company-wide strategy to make improvements to production and processing techniques in both viticulture and winemaking

Farming 4.0 at the Farm Gates


Big data and analytics are set to transform the world of agriculture as we know it according to Secretary-General of the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Ulrich Adam who asks what kind of changes can we expect and what has to be done to make ‘Farming 4.0’ a reality?

RDA Hunter and BAE Systems Advancing STEM Careers


Staged to highlight the career opportunities available in STEM and aerospace in the Hunter, 360 students from 16 participating high schools engaged in hands-on STEM activities during the RDA Hunter BAE Systems Careers Day held on June 24th

STEM Skills for a Future Career


According to Todd Williams, globalisation and smart technology change the way we live and are re-shaping our future. Educating young people is critical to the Hunter’s performance in a global economy.